Rainbow Warrior Ceremonial Cleansing Kit

Rainbow Warrior Ceremonial Cleansing Kit


A Sticks, Stones & Broken Bones Design. Made in Southern Tasmania where the vibes are high and happy.

This kit has been created for a very special Rainbow Light Warrior. I have no idea who you are, but Thank You for allowing me to weave this beauty-full gift for you. There is only 1 available.

The ceremonial sound cleansing bowl is a delight for the senses! Weaved from non-native, hand dyed, natural fibres with a full spectrum of rainbow colours. It features little brass bells and porcelain beads around the rim with a Laughing Buddah made of Jade and Tibetan bells on the front. The bells provide the sound frequency vibration to aid in shifting lower and stagnant energies. Aprox 17.5cm diameter and 6cm tall.

The Rainbow Energy Cleansing Rattle works in the same way to break up and shift lower vibrational frequencies of energy from your aura and environment. Created from non-native, hand dyed natural fibres and featuring a bone handle. Inside the rattle is filled with seed pods, wooden beads and tiny pearls to great a rain like sound, which is enhanced by two small brass bells. 17 X 4.5cm.

The Smudging Fan is created from the feather of a Pheasant and the same marine bird leg bone as the rattle. I am unsure of the exact species as these bones travelled via the ocean and were delivered on the sand, tangled in seaweed. A gift from the Gods.

This complete kit also contains some very special ceremonial smudge sticks, one Dragonsblood and Sage, One Rainbow Botanicals and Sage, and one beautiful Himalayan mixed herb stick which I have included more info on below....

A large clear Quartz point is included which can be charged to amplify your intentions. A Rose Quartz tumblestone engraved with the Viking Rune Symbol of LAGUZ, contained in a spring coil to wear as a pendant will aid in energy cleansing and envoke protection during your rituals. 

5 sticks of Palo Santo wood also used for smudging are included along with 5 various coloured candles and 3 Selenite crystal wands. The vibration of Selenite aids in cleansing and balancing your energy vortexes (chakras), aura, and your environment, just by placing it within your space. 

The energy tools that I create are special pieces made using only natural materials, apart from the bells and charms. No glue is used, if needed, I will melt resin or mix beeswax with mud wasp nest to create a strong adhesive. These pieces are not really my creations but are channelled through me, so it is very unlikely that you will ever see another one the same. Each piece is as unique as its future keeper, and I usually have no idea what the end result will be when I start creating something.

The total number of hours to create the pieces in this kit was 10. No shipping will be charged at checkout. 

When you purchase these items, you are supporting my sovereignty. I see it as an energy exchange and I thank you for allowing me this freedom. ✌️❤️😁🌈


The Himalayan Smudge is hand rolled from wild foraged herbs gathered from the Himalayan mountainside in Nepal. they are blended using traditional methods in order to soothe the soul and promote healing on all levels.

Each stick includes a leaflet with information and instructions for burning, a mantra and the gift of UNALOME a Buddhist and Hindu principle that explains humanity's ultimate life journey from birth to eventual enlightenment. These Himalayan Smudge Sticks have been created to aid its owner through the chaotic twists and turns that form our human experience and serves as a reminder that each moment brings us closer to the ultimate goal of enlightenment. 

This is an incredibly special product, infused with a deeply meaningful energy, perfect for many occasions as a gift or for personal use.

Each smudge stick includes the following ingredients:

SAGE: to summon divine energies

CAMPHOR: to dispel negative thoughts and spirits

MENTHA: to bring clarity and insight

SANDALWOOD: to ground chaotic energies and calm the soul