Smudge Fan & Basket of Smudge

Smudge Fan & Basket of Smudge


A Sticks, Stones & Broken Bones Design. Made in Southern Tasmania where the vibes are high and happy. 

This triple feather Smudging fan features a bone handle adorned with a Jade smiling Buddah, and single Hematoid Quartz point. 

Tibetan brass bells, Carnelian and Green Fluorite crystals and a small OM charm create a beautiful sound as you use the fan.

The handmade basket features a branch slice base and has been weaved from hand-dyed, non-native natural fibres in shades of blues, greens and purple. It is adorned with a small double terminated Hematoid Quartz point and two brass bells. Measures approx 9.5cm diameter and 4.5cm high.

Included is a White Sage & Floral smudge, a Dragonsblood & white sage smudge, a single Palo Santo sticks and a small Selenite crystal wand.

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