Crystal Energy Cleansing Rattle

Crystal Energy Cleansing Rattle

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A Sticks, Stones & Broken Bones Design. Made in Southern Tasmania where the vibes are high and happy.

This beauty-full Energy Cleansing Rattle is ready for its keeper. Inside the rattle is filled with tiny clear Quartz points, Rainbow Moonstone crystal chips, tiny natural pearls and small seed pods, to create a mesmerising rain-like sound when shaken. It aids in breaking up and shifting lower vibrational frequencies of energy from your aura and environment. Created from non-native, hand dyed natural fibres and featuring a Wallaby jaw bone with flashy Labradorite adorning the driftwood timber handle. 

Wallaby medicine teaches us warrior energy - strength, leadership and decisiveness. Wallaby offers gifts of focus, and a reminder to make sure our energy is cleansed, grounded and centred at all times. I came across this lower jaw bone during a hike through the bush in Southern Tasmania - A gift from the Gods.

Labradorite helps dispel negative, low vibrational and stagnant energies. It offers uplifting frequencies to aid in raising vibration and healing physical and spiritual energy blocks. 

The energy tools that I create are special pieces made using only natural materials where possible. These pieces are not really my creations but are channelled through me, so it is very unlikely that you will ever see another one the same. Each piece is as unique as its future keeper, and I usually have no idea what the end result will be when I start creating something.

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When you purchase these items, you are supporting my sovereignty. I see it as an energy exchange and I thank you for allowing me this freedom. ✌️❤️😁🌈