Chakra Om Smudge fan set - free shipping

Chakra Om Smudge fan set - free shipping


A Sticks, Stones & Broken Bones Design. Made in Southern Tasmania where the vibes are high and happy. This beauty-full, one of a kind smudging fan measures 27x17.5cm and was weaved from hand dyed, non-native, natural fibres. This fan features 23 tiny brass bells and 2 Tibetan brass bells to aid in cleansing your environment through sound vibration. The handle is cork and features an OM symbol with 2 Lotus flower charms.

This special smudging kit comes complete with 2 exclusive smudge sticks. 

The floral White Sage stick is made from certified organic white sage and rainbow coloured rose petals with purple sea lavender flowers. Hand crafted with love and complete respect for nature.

The Himalayan Smudge is hand rolled from wild foraged herbs gathered from the Himalayan mountainside in Nepal. they are blended using traditional methods in order to soothe the soul and promote healing on all levels.

Each stick includes a leaflet with information and instructions for burning, a mantra and the gift of UNALOME a Buddhist and Hindu principle that explains humanity's ultimate life journey from birth to eventual enlightenment. These Himalayan Smudge Sticks have been created to aid its owner through the chaotic twists and turns that form our human experience and serves as a reminder that each moment brings us closer to the ultimate goal of enlightenment. 

This is an incredibly special product, infused with a deeply meaningful energy, perfect for many occasions as a gift or for personal use.

Each smudge stick includes the following ingredients:

SAGE: to summon divine energies

CAMPHOR: to dispel negative thoughts and spirits

MENTHA: to bring clarity and insight

SANDALWOOD: to ground chaotic energies and calm the soul

This is one exceptionally special gift set filled with lots of Love and Magic.